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For a wide range of candles and gifts at factory prices look no further than the CANDLE MAKERS Factory Store in Randburg. We manufacture a large range of candles, from tea lights to wedding to event to dinner to floating candles. Although we import our wax, our entire range of candles is manufactured here in Randburg, South Africa. The no-frills factory store filled with bargains guarantees you the lowest prices on candles for your event, wedding, party, or that special occasion. We stock a full range the scented Village Candle jars imported from Maine, USA. We stock a range of handcrafted wood and steel candle holders for that special place in your home.

We still use the old fashioned way of molding candles by hand pouring the wax into molds. We do not use powdered wax to press any of our candles and as such our candles are long burning.

The CANDLE MAKERS is owner-managed and run to offer personal service at levels that you deserve.

Create your own candle designs onsite for free with 14 colours in the dipping tanks to choose from. The gift range includes gift sets, candle holders, candlewick trimmers, candle snuffers, incense, potpourri oils and burners, vases.

Featured products

DIY powdered wax candle kit - 120g

Make your own candle in minutes, no melting or molding. Approximate burn time per 100g of wax is 15 hours.
R29,00 (ZAR) excl tax excluding shipping

Tulasi - Dragon's blood masala incense

Tulasi Dragon's blood masala incense is a strong and diffusive fragrance that brings you a truly oriental experience.
R24,00 (ZAR) excl tax excluding shipping

Sacred Elements - Palo santo & white sage

Purifying smudge incense.
R24,00 (ZAR) excl tax excluding shipping

Patil Ullas - Gia

Premium masala incense. Traditional hand-rolled incense sticks. Creating sustainable livelihood for rural women. No child labour used. Non toxic.
R20,00 (ZAR) excl tax excluding shipping

HEM - Yog chakra

Premium masala incense. Purifying space and balancing energy around you.
R20,00 (ZAR) excl tax excluding shipping

Shabro - Sacred space incense

Sacred Elements premium masala incense.
R24,00 (ZAR) excl tax excluding shipping
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DIY powdered wax candle kit Wednesday, 24 March 2021
Make your own candle in minutes with no melting or molding.
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